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everything is so crazy right now, i work non stop, and have 290348093284 other junks to take care of, bleh, and my dog's sickish, and the dog ate/destroyed one of my 30 rock dvd's, but I don't think thats why he's sick, my parents are like blerrrrrghhhhhh so is this week, okay im done randomly complaining to nobody
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So, I got 30 Rock on DVD for Christmas!  Yays!  And I watched the whole season yesterday.  (Yes, lazy day).  But to the point of my story.  My sister watched it with me, and as the credits were playing for the last episode, she says, "Those two should totally get it on!"  (meaning Jack and Liz of course.  And so I was like omgsh I think so too! (of course I do) lol 
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Okay so just saw a commercial for a new movie with Tracey Morgan!  It comes out Jan 11.  I will definitely be going to see it.  It looks pretty funny.  
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So I just got finished watching 30 Rock....  :(   That's all I have to say.   Don't get me wrong though, it was good.  I think I just had my expectations built up from all the excitment of waiting for this episode.  If you haven't watched it yet, what are you doing here go watch!  The Lemon's and the Donaghy's what more could you ask for?!

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 If anyone comes across this I am writing a 30 Rock fic and I am majorly afraid to post it!  It is scarey to try to get into those peoples heads, therefore it is most likely majorly ooc.  But anyway.  It's cold out, we're supposed to get a nasty winter storm. Yay!
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I still don't know how to work this and there is nobody reading it obviously because I have 0 friends.......

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Ok, so I made one of these things.  I guess I should have since I'm always at other people's reading fics and stuff so yeah.  But be patient with me....I have no idea how LJ works! lol 

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